Water Turbines

Using the latest “pump in pipe” technology, we harvest waste energy from process water, reservoirs or storage tanks and are able to offer private power agreements to supply, install and maintain any hydroelectric scheme. These schemes have zero capital cost to the host, offering a source of predictable cheap power for local use.


Sustainable Energy Generation Sustainable Solutions

We are now working in conjunction with Mariana Investments, an established London based adviser and asset manager that invests in opportunities to generate low carbon energy, utilising proven technology.

Selected by Mariana, we are the company of choice to work in conjunction with clients across the energy sector e.g. water supply, oil and gas operators, paper, food processing etc. to mutually investigate the feasibility and opportunity where water turbine technology could potentially be deployed.

The technology is dependent on a constant flow of water to generate and import electricity and can be deployed in applications where there is a free discharge of water (gravity). This could be the inlet of a reservoir or the outlet of a dam, alternatively, this ‘in pipe’ technology can be used in situations where pressure reducing valves regulate the downstream pressure, allowing the turbine to be installed in serial or parallel mode.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of our unique water turbine technology, differentiating us from competitors in sector and grid operators can be summarised as follows:

  • Capex installation costs fully funded by the Investor
  • Electricity generated purchased at a cost from the Investor at substantially below market (grid) rates
  • Surplus electricity can potentially be exported to the grid
  • Preventative maintenance programme can also be provided
  • No obligation on-site feasibility study by experienced engineering team
  • Suitable for applications with produced, irrigated and filtered raw water 
  • Innovative proven technology already operating across seventeen European utility sites
  • High turbine reliability and efficiency
  • Turbine reliability comparable with grid operators
  • Renewable and sustainable energy without reliance on the weather
  • Harmonious with the natural environment, no direct carbon emissions 
  • Ability to operate within a wide range of entry and exit pressures
  • Ease of installation with minimal site footprint
  • Suitable for both greenfield and brownfield process applications
  • Minimum disruption to existing brownfield facilities (tie–ins within working day)
  • Life of field installation 25 years (+)

Specific data based on a 100kW hydro in-pipe turbine installation:

  • Saves 300-400 tonnes of CO2e per annum
  • Produces 600,000 to 800,000 kWh of electricity per annum
  • Potential accumulative electricity savings of approx. £9m over a 40-year period


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