Water Play

Our team provide a complete installation service including all the civil engineering work, features, pumps and filtration systems required to provide an operational system that meets all the requirements of the industry advisory service and ROSPA. We also offer our own “EcoSplash” range of waterplay equipment, designed and manufactured in the UK. In addition we are the European distributor for the American Water Odyssey range of equipment.

View some of our Splash Pad projects here

Water Play Parks Interactive Water Systems

Water play parks are also known as splash pads, can offer a variety of interactive water-based play activities, inclusive of, but not limited to flowing rivulets of water, sprinklers, water jets, tipping buckets etc. As sole European distributors for Water Odyssey equipment and our own UK manufactured ‘EcoSplash’ range, we can build unique designs that are both fun and safe.

Our Specialisms

  • Advice on suitability and configuration
  • Complete splash pad design and build service
  • Visual 3D concept plans 
  • Ongoing support & maintenance during the season
  • Re-surfacing services for existing splash pads – rubber crumb


Facilities Management Experience Meets Expertise

We have a dedicated Maintenance Division that are responsible for the regular upkeep of numerous water features throughout England and also undertake routine water feature maintenance for commercial clients. 


Our Specialisms

  • Cleaning services
  • Pump/filtration management & servicing
  • Electrical safety checks
  • Health & Safety risk assessment
  • Reactive and Flood relief services

We have supplied water features on many business and municipal parks throughout the country over the last 20 years, building an

enviable reputation for regular attention to detail and for responding promptly to our clients’ needs.

Our reactive service for emergency call outs, includes but is not limited to breakdowns, contamination and repairs.

Our flood relief service, offers fast response with pumps and sandbags, often in support of the local authority’s or Environment Agency’s emergency work force.

Mechanical & Electrical Work Accredited Specialists

Water and electricity are a potentially unhealthy mix, which is why our clients value the fact that our fully 17th edition accredited in-house electrician specialises in this type of equipment. We have invested in a fully equipped electrical workshop facility, where we can strip down and service a whole range of pumps or build water system control panels from scratch.

Our Specialisms

  • Water system control panels – bespoke design and build
  • Water electrical safety testing
  • Pump maintenance, repair & sales
  • Landscapes & underwater lighting - approved distributor of Hunza and Megabit landscape and underwater lighting products

Swimming Ponds & Pools A revolution in Swimming

A natural swimming pond or pool is a body of ‘living’ water designed for swimming. Each pond/pool consists of a defined swimming zone and a separate purification area. The purification area cleans the swimming water with a biological system that is completely free of chemicals, clear and pure.

Natural Swimming Ponds

– A traditional planted natural swimming pond, with pure naturally filtered water and aquatic plants.

Contemporary Living Pool

– A direct chemical free alternative to a typical swimming pool, where plants can be added to create a look that is both natural and contemporary.


  • Completely free of chemicals
  • Endless design possibilities
  • Easy to maintain
  • Proven BIOTOP filtration technology, developed and refined over the past 30 years
  • Wildlife and environmentally friendly
  • Much more aesthetically pleasing compared to a traditional chlorinated pool
  • Comparable construction costs in relation to mid-priced swimming pools

Convert your Pool

If you already have a traditional swimming pool and would like to convert to a chemical free pool, we can simply reconfigure the filtration system and install our ‘Converter Unit’ without making fundamental changes to the pool. Alternatively, we can completely re-design your pool, adding to the existing shell to create specific planting zones for water filtration. This free form design will transform the pool into a natural habitat that sustains an aquatic ecosystem to cleanse the water by natural processes.