Lakes and Watercourses

We have the knowledge and experience to advise and work on the restoration of existing water bodies ensuring longevity to any asset. We also survey and design new schemes for any landscape, obtaining the necessary consents and permissions, whilst managing the whole process from design through to execution of the works.

AquaTractor & Weed Control Integrated Environmental Solutions

Foreign, water-borne weeds are extremely hardy and their presence in our inland waters is now an extremely serious issue. They are not only destroying our environment but are now beginning to have a negative effect on our water margins, fish and pond life.

Our Solution

Using proven equipment and technology we can maximise productivity and environmental benefit whilst minimising the logistical and economic burden of weed control.

The AquaTractor® weed harvester is a well tried and proven, extremely efficient, reliable and agile workhorse capable of maintaining a high level of aquatic weed harvesting hour after 

hour. This integrated process enables large areas of invasive weed to be cleared in an economically viable and environmentally friendly fashion.

At the same time, it eliminates the health risks associated with manual removal of the invasive aquatic weed.

Built in its standard form, the AquaTractor® weed harvester offers the following benefits:

  • Weed cutting depth to 1.950m
  • Excellent operator control and vision
  • Extremely manoeuvrable
  • Weed free helix screw propulsion unit, directional through 180o, with hydraulically adjustable operating depth
  • Shallow draft (laden draft of only 325mm)
  • Hold capacity up to 5m³
  • Discharge speed less than 2 minutes
  • Less than 30 minutes to launch and prepare for operation = maximum productivity
  • Minimal operator training requirement
  • Professional support package

Biological, chemical and manual weed control:

We can also work with you to find the best biological weed control solution, although this practice tends to be much slower acting and somewhat unpredictable, so we would normally use biological weed control in combination with other more short-term measures.

In some cases, the best course of action is to hand-cut excess weed growth. Using the most appropriate equipment, we can attend site, and manually pull or cut weed as necessary.

Alternatively, we have a fully-trained application team who can advise on the most appropriate chemical to use in every aquatic weed control situation.

Boats Modern Materials, Traditional Designs

Our fishing and work punts are both practical and robust, that’s why our own staff use them daily as they go about their fisheries management and water maintenance services.

Our fabrication facilities allow us to build punts inhouse not only for our staff, but for our clients too. As well as being practical, our punts are good-looking and extremely stable, making them eminently suitable for prestigious fishing venues or private lakes.

Their flat bottoms ensure maximum stability for casting and maximum safety for children. They are light and easy to row and are also fitted with a strong transom for mounting a small petrol or electric outboard motor.

Bank Revetment & Leaks Prevent and Protect

Revetment is required to protect vulnerable banks from erosion and structural failure, it can also prevent a river/canal from moving away from its course. In other circumstances bank protection may also be required as part of, or in response to, other engineering works. Leaks can also be a major cause for structural failure, this could be due to a problem with the original construction, poor compaction, insufficient clay, or damage from animals and/or or tree roots. When an embankment is leaking, a waterproof barrier needs to be introduced to prevent water movement.

Our Solution

We can offer a number of bank revetment and waterproofing, materials and techniques to prevent or reduce the risk of erosion and leaks through embankments.

Live Willow Revetment – ‘Bio-engineering’ Preferable to the Environment Agency

  • Live willow spilling - weaving
  • Coir fibre products - coconut fibres
  • Hazel faggots - lattice of twigs, ideal green revetment solution

Rock Armour

  • Rock armour & riprap - for scour protection and bank protection
  • Gabion baskets & mattresses - bank retention, planting berms and reinforcement around concrete structures
  • Sheet piles – steel piles and trench sheets
  • Timber


  • Trenching – waterproof barrier
  • Injection – sealing leaks with a slurry of sodium bentonite or bentonite & cement

Cut off Walls – Interlocking steel sheet piles to provide a waterproof barrier for stopping leaks


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Consultancy Services Best Practice is the Only Practice

Our consultancy service offers impartial advice based on good practice and our own experience of building, operating and maintaining hundreds of water courses in the UK and abroad.

Our Specialisms

As Environment Agency Framework Contractors, we have close working relations with many office holders within the Environment Agency throughout the regions, which can help us to foresee and thereby avoid potential problems. The consultancy services we can offer include:

  • Detailed, technical drawings suitable for issuing with contract tender documents and any other required applications and legislation
  • Artist’s impressions of scheme proposals, helping to sell a scheme to both the client and the planners.
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies
  • Full environmental risk assessment
  • Topographical surveys
  • CAD drawings
  • Flood Defence Consent Applications
  • Protected species surveys
  • Flood risk assessments
  • River habitat surveys
  • Hydrogeological surveys

Environmental Performance, Development and Improvement  

We have a dedicated fisheries division with the skills and equipment for all aspects of fisheries work. This allows us to offer a comprehensive range of fisheries management and environmental monitoring services.

Our Specialisms

  • Stock management
  • Removal of predators or invasive species
  • Fish holding facility
  • Fish health checks and live transport
  • Fish stocking
  • Fish rescue
  • Electric fishing surveys
  • Seine netting contracts
  • Design, supply and construct monitoring stations

Inclusive of borehole headworks, stilling tubes, rain gauge installations and gauge boards.

  • Kick samples
  • Identification and Analysis of results


Flood Alleviation Schemes Safe in our Hands

Flooding is becoming an increasingly common threat to many UK households and businesses as a result of periods of unexpected and heavy rainfall, a reduction in the natural attenuation capacity of ground that can soak up water and a gradual decline in the maintenance of many drainage 

assets. The immediate, dreadful trauma of a flood event is compounded by the long, drawn out period of repairs and insurance claims. We can help to minimise this risk in various ways.

In its simplest form a flood alleviation scheme can consist of a comprehensive programme of preventative maintenance for flood 

management assets, ensuring they will function correctly when challenged by high rainfall events. This is very much a case of “A stitch in time saves nine”.

We offer a regular maintenance package for a range of clients, maintaining screens, strimming vegetation, removing obstructions and debris and generally ensuring that floodwater, when it comes, can flow on by unhindered. We also work with local authorities, the Environment Agency and developers to design and create suitable engineered flood alleviation schemes for both new and existing developments.

Liners & Waterproofing We have You Covered

As approved installers of Firestone Pondgard & Geomembrane and specialists in the installation of EPDM, we have the expertise to specify, supply and install various types of waterproofing systems.

We also work with other systems where required, including; box welded butyl, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), clay and bentonite matting.


Bentonite Matting

A lining product that consists of a layer of hydrated sodium bentonite retained by two layers of geotextile. It is an alternative to rubber pond liners, but it is more labour intensive to install as there are more joints.


The original waterproofing material and, if used correctly, offers the best long-term solution to waterproofing larger lakes and reservoirs. If it can be found on site, then clay is your best option, however importing clay onto a site for use as a waterproof membrane can be expensive and less environmentally friendly.

Flexible Membranes

There are many types of flexible pond lining systems available, ranging from cheaper PVC type materials to the best rubber (EPDM) membranes.

Glass Reinforced Plastic

Often referred to as fibreglass or fibre-reinforced plastic, GRP is often specified for formal water features. Benefits include; durability, colour choice and smart finish. This product must not be used for any structures that could move of crack over time.

Ponds, Lakes & Reservoirs Maintenance is Paramount

Where ponds, lakes and reservoirs are concerned, maintenance is paramount in the prevention of dilapidation, so it is essential that all maintenance tasks required by these assets are completed efficiently and safely, with the use of the correct technical equipment.  

Our Solution

Drawing on over thirty years of water management experience, our teams have the expertise and equipment to ensure all requirements for maintenance, new build or improvement works to an asset, can be met to a high standard. We can also use our fully equipped workshop for all design and fabrication work. 

Our Specialisms

  • Decks, jetties & bridges - designing and fabricating timber structures to compliment any body of water
  • Pond cleaning & programmed maintenance - regular maintenance and the clear out of overgrown ponds or ponds with a build-up of silt
  • Pond construction - design and construction of ponds and water gardens
  • Water recirculation & filtration - supply and install filtration to suit all types of water features
  • Water falls, cascades & streams – construction and installation of rock/stone
  • Desilting ponds & lakes
  • Lake construction – inclusive of topographic survey, site plans, drawings, permissions and construction
  • Weirs, sluices & penstocks
  • Reflecting Pools – formal in appearance, designed to reflect the surrounding landscape



Rivers, Streams & Canal Our Proven Track Record

Our teams have the expertise and equipment to ensure all requirements for maintenance, improvement and habitat works to an asset, can be met to a high standard.

Our Specialisms

  • Bank revetment
  • Fish Stock Control & Surveys
  • Gravel riffles – enliven a stretch of river, entrain oxygen & provide good spawning habitats
  • Gravel washing & Spawning reds - high pressure jetting equipment to loosen compacted and silted substrate, this process creates a clean river bed that encourages fish to dig their nests, or ‘redds’ and encourages healthy development of the embryos
  • Weed screens – also know as trash screens and scum boards, these can be designed and fabricated inhouse
  • Weirs, sluices & penstocks
  • Bentonite (trenching & injection) & Cut off walls - revetment and leaks in embankments