Kingcombe Stonbury were commissioned to design and construct a new 500m2 natural themed Splash Park, that included an amphitheatre and skate park for additional use outside the water play season. A detailed design was required to blend the splashpad into the existing landscape and was influenced by the local roman heritage.

Foundations for the plant room were constructed from eighteen twin wall pipes that were set level and upright to act as bearing piles. These were then filled with reinforcement bars, followed by a concrete pour. Once sufficiently cured, reinforced pads were constructed on the top of each pile as a base for the new building.

The team excavated to a level of 4 metres for the precast concrete underground tanks, however during the excavation ground water was found at 1.8 metres. To overcome this, the team installed a 5 metre section of upright twin wall pipe to pump below the dig level and remove the ground water. Shuttering was then used to form the concrete base.

Once the concrete had cured, each tank was lifted onto the base using a crane and connected to the plantroom, using non-return valves for the retaining water. A sewer drain was also installed to service the toilets and to allow the splash pad system to be backwashed.

To allow for future maintenance works, two brick turrets were built to form an access way from ground level with a concrete slab surround. This would also stop any contamination being taken into the tanks.

A fully automatic treatment and control system was installed in the plant room. The system monitors the level of disinfection using a high-quality Siemens Ezetrol Controller and has been designed to support a peak bather load of 350 children/hr.

The area of the splashpad was stripped to fountain level and a layer of recycled aggregate was compacted to form a foundation for the slab. A flexible aluminium edge was then installed to the correct levels and radius, this formed the shape of the pad. To allow for expansion and contraction, the concrete was poured in sections.

Due to heavy rain and low temperatures the team onsite were required to liaise with the concrete supplier to ensure concrete deliveries were scheduled for mid-day, due to slight rise in temperatures. Once poured the concrete was covered with a frost blanket to prevent freezing.

A second flexible aluminium edge was installed, set 1.2m away to form a pathway around the edge of the pad, the concrete was then grit blasted and slip tested to ensure the surface met current regulations.

The amphitheatre was constructed as part of the play area using chamfered block kerbing and brick paviours to create four curved steps with integrated LED lights. The splash pad also features LED lights as well as jets and unique glow domes with multiple colour changes.

On completion, the splashpad received a full playground safety inspection to ensure all standards were met. Kingcombe Stonbury will revisit the site throughout the year to provide essential maintenance works.