Kingcombe Stonbury were commissioned to design and construct a new splash park at a memorial recreation ground, complete with a total of eighteen interactive play features controlled by an electronic control unit.

Water features included:

  • Tipping buckets
  • Arching water fence
  • In-ground jets

Our qualified engineers installed a treated and filtered recirculation system, allowing the water from the splash pad to filter into an underground ‘dirty water’ tank via the play area drains. From there the water is drawn through low pressure filters to remove any solids before pH correction and chlorination.

Due to the site not having access to a main sewage system, a separate pumped chamber was installed to allow the backwash from the filter to be collected and pumped away at a steady rate using intermediate holding. This controlled system prevents the chamber from becoming overloaded. The filtration and dosing system was designed to fit into the available space, whilst conforming to Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

The original plant room offered limited space for the new recirculation system, so a slot was cut into the floor to allow enough space for the filter to sit in. A hole was also cut into the wall to allow room for the pipes to feed back into the plant room and a watertight unit was then fabricated to ensure external pipes were fully concealed.

The distance from the plant room was important in considering the location of the splash pad, as too far would impact the efficiency of the pumps, both pumping the water out to the splash pad and the speed in which the water would drain back to the dirty water tank for filtration and treating. Additionally, the final location for the Splash pad was chosen in consideration of the nearby playing fields.

Prior to installation of the splash pad, the full area was excavated. The recycled spoil was then used to form a gradient wall around one edge of the site and was covered with artificial grass to make for simpler maintenance and management in the future.

Once fully installed, the splash park received a full playground safety inspection to ensure a high quality, safe product was achieved before handing back to the client.