Kingcombe Stonbury designed and constructed a 1000m2 ‘Pirate’ themed splashpad, that provides fun and enjoyment for children of all ages during the summer months. The splashpad incorporates specifically designed age zones and a variety of play areas, including water cannons, gentle sprays and in-ground jets.

Our designers detailed bespoke waterplay products to suit the size of the splashpad and the surrounding environment and developed a system to re-use the water from different zones using weirs and small, manually operated sluice gates. The gates restrict the flow of water, forming an upstream pool until the level is deep enough to flow over the weir.

After long discussions with the client, it was agreed to install a single use water system, that will allow water to enter a storage tank from the mains supply and then be pumped to the features via a manifold with solenoid operated values. This system obviates the need for sterilising and water treatment equipment which requires associated supervision and maintenance.

The design allows water to emerge onto the pad through a variety of jets and spray, and then flows to the central channel, before discharging to a drain. The jets have been set to a running order on a simple controller that opens and closes the values in a pre-determined sequence and uses balanced flows to ensure features with a high-water demand are on for shorter periods of times.

A number of different finishes were used around the Play Zone including concrete, soft play surfacing and artificial grass, in addition Kingcombe Stonbury designed and manufactured refreshment areas, seating areas and wooden bridges.

The project took six months to finish, this included commissioning and testing of the systems. On completion, the splashpad received a full playground safety inspection to ensure all standards were met. Kingcombe Stonbury will revisit the site throughout the year to provide essential maintenance works.

Click here to view full construction time-lapse video.