Wild and ornamental water features play an essential part in some external landscapes and can make a considerable impact on business parks, golf courses, estates and municipal areas. Both still and running water features are not only visually pleasing, but they are also conducive to a healthy and productive working environment when used effectively.

Kingcombe Stonbury hold several contracts for the maintenance and management of hundreds of water features throughout the UK, ensuring they are in full working order all year round.

Our maintenance division is responsible for the regular upkeep of numerous water features, including; the management of aquatic plants & fish, electrical health checks and pump maintenance.

Specialisms include:

- Cleaning Services
- Pump/Filtration Management & Servicing
- Electrical Safety Checks
- Health & Safety Risk Assessments
- Reactive & Flood Relief Services
- Plant & Fish Management

Plant Management

The presence of aquatic plants is desirable if not essential in most aquatic environments. Algae and macrophytes are the basis of the food chain; they also provide a habitat for animals including invertebrates, fish, birds and mammals, so it is essential to ensure a healthy balance.

Problem weeds occur when the natural balance is disturbed, either through nitrification, increased light levels, increased water temperature or the dominance of a non-native species over native plant species.

Kingcombe Stonbury provides support and tailored programmes to ensure a healthy balanced waterbody is maintained.

Fish Management

It is equally important to monitor the health of any fish living in a body of water, as increased levels of fish and poor management of stock can have a detrimental effect on the overall health, balance and biodiversity of the water.
Our fish management services include; fish surveys, stocking, health checks, rescues and client support.

Fountain Management

Our fully certificated M&E engineer's design and implement proactive servicing regimes, including, pump maintenance and repair to all fountains and pump assets.

Six monthly health checks are also conducted to ensure all electrical equipment operating in the public domain continue to work safely and protect anyone working in the water from potential harm.

Finally, our teams carry out risk assessments to ensure bacteria issues such as Legionella, are kept under control.