Kingcombe were recently commissioned to restore a lake for a private client in Southampton.

The lake and the surrounding area had been neglected for the last 30 years, becoming highly vegetated and accumulating a large amount of silt build-up. Working with the client, Kingcombe designed a scheme to stabilise the surrounding banks and island, while restoring the lake back to its natural beauty.

The project involved removing overgrown vegetation and desilting the main body of the lake. Once the silt was removed, a 2m high x 24 m long gabion wall was constructed to stabilise the bank as a summer house is planned to be built next year. A Timber post crescent was erected to provide a sunken seating area overlooking the estate.

The island was also found in disrepair, with overgrown vegetation and requiring stabilisation. Existing trees and shrubs were removed, allowing the island and the adjacent bank to be re-established with close-butted timber posts.

Once desilting and stabilising works were complete, a new stone outlet structure was constructed with timber stop logs set in galvanised steel frames, allowing the client to adjust the lake level accordingly. A stone-faced slipway was constructed to allow access underneath one of the bridges and new stone weir to enhance the inlet area.

To complete the restoration project, two bespoke handcrafted bridges and jetty’s were installed for easier access to the island, linked by a new curvy stone path.

Once the lake has been refilled, our team will return to the site and install the aquatic planting.