Kingcombe were commissioned to design and construct a new Splash Park at Bennett Memorial Recreation Ground in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Our designers worked closely with the client to provide a super soaking water play zone within the recreation ground, incorporating both a surrounding pathway and picnic bench area. The Splash Park was completed with a self-raking bow top fence around the perimeter, providing safety whilst making sure there are no head, neck or finger trap dangers.

The water play zone boasts over 18 interactive features including a water rainbow-spraying archway, multiple tipping buckets, a hula spray cage, mushroom features, an arching water fence, interactive tap-tap activators with light touch sensitivity and in-ground jets spraying at various heights and patterns with low pressure aerated soft water, all controlled by an electronic control unit.

Kingcombe engineers installed a treated and filtered recirculation system, utilising an existing changing room facility that conforms to PWTAG standards. The site did not have access to a main sewage system, which as overcome by installing a separate pumped chamber, to allow the backwash from the filter to be collected and pumped away at a steady rate.

A tropical sea themed splashpad was created by our designers using a variety of sea themed graphics, including sea blue and sand yellow colours within the wet pouring safety surface. Once fully constructed, the Splash Park receives a full playground safety inspection, to ensure a safe play zone and a high standard of project delivery. 

Dunstable Town council were pleased with their Splash Park and James Slack, Sport & Leisure Facilities Manager added:

“The new Splash Pad at Bennett Memorial Recreation Ground has been a great success and has been enthusiastically received with the local residents. Kingcombe Stonbury Ltd design for the splash pad and took into consideration the location and the landscape within the park. They had to overcome several technical issues including a pumped sewage system and locate the plant room in the existing changing rooms. We’re very pleased with the overall result and the professional manner this was dealt with by Kingcombe including the site team, always very polite and professional. The after sales care and support during the early days of opening were exceptional. We would have no hesitation in using Kingcombe again or indeed recommending them to other authorities.”