Construction of a Cascading Waterfall

As specialists in the water environment, Kingcombe are often contracted by private clients for maintenance and restoration works, including the design and installation of many waterfalls and cascades of various sizes. An example is a project we completed in Dorset. We were originally contracted to line the existing lake on the estate, for it to be completely restored to an exceptionally high standard after many years of neglect.  The project saw some significant challenges, especially where modern drainage culverts had been installed underneath the lake area. The natural look of the lake was maintained by installing a Firestone EPDM 1.02mm, Pondgard membrane, covered with a 300mm layer of subsoil to provide a suitable planting medium for the aquatic plants. Due to the low flow into the lake and to maintain the water quality, we recommended that the water was recirculated, preferably over a cascade to entrain more dissolved oxygen into the water. The client decided that this should provide a spectacle that was visible to their visitors coming up the drive to the house. Alongside the lake was a disused sandstone quarry, that had provided local stone for many of the buildings and walls on the estate. This offered a unique opportunity to create an impressive 6m high natural cascade feature, fed by water pumped up to a header pond from the lake, where it emerges as if it was from a spring head, before flowing back down over the quarry wall to the lake below. The new challenge was to create a natural stone waterfall to look as if it was an integral part of the original stone wall of the quarry. The face of the quarry was lined with the same Firestone material, draped down over several steps in the stone to ensure no loss of water from the system. A new hard stone face was constructed on top of the liner, built in layers using large stone pieces up to one tonne in weight to simulate the rock seams running through the quarry. The waterfall cascades down to a stilling pool, from where it flows down a further set of small rock pools and a stream back into the lake, all lined with Pondgard material that was completely concealed under the new stone facing. The water recirculation was achieved by installing a pump chamber at the other end of the lake, connected through a 150mm balance pipe. Silent running, efficient and easy to maintain duty/standby submersible pumps are housed in this below ground chamber. The automatic top-up is sourced from a local borehole on the estate. The cascade has created an impressive feature, visible from the drive and the house. The lake is now well oxygenated and the water well mixed.

Holiday Park & Resort Expo 2018

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Holiday Park & Resort Expo 2018, Europe's leading event for holiday park owners. Join us on November 07th and 08th at the NEC where you can find us at stand 1840. We'll be showcasing our most recent Splash Park projects and our an exclusive range of features and fountains from our very own Ecosplash product collection and from our partners Water Odyssey. Get your Free Tickets

Beach Clean, West Bay

Kingcombe were pleased to support a local Cub group for a spot beach cleaning over the weekend, providing them with gloves, litter picking tools, black bin bags and hand wipes. Not only does this educate the children on the issues surrounding single-use plastics but it also connects the children to the wider aquatic environment, encouraging them to look after the beaches and enjoy outdoor activities. Scott Rice, our Fisheries and Maintenance Manager, joined the group on Sunday at West Bay in Dorset (the home of Broadchurch) to help with the beach clean.  As a true angler, Scott finished the trip by teaching the children how to drop net off the pier, where they managed to catch Pout, Whiting, Mackerel and whitebait along with a few shore crabs and prawns.

Weed Removal

Jenny the weed harvester has recently completed her annual visit to Theale Business Park, clearing the excess aquatic vegetation from the business park lake. Maintaining the lake on an annual basis is important for sustaining a healthy plant community. Without the regular maintenance, the weed growth in the lake would sink to the bottom and decay. From the luxurious weed growth that Theale experiences, low dissolved oxygen levels are likely once the weed begins to break down. To prevent this and to protect the fish stocks, we cut and remove the weed from the lake at the end of each year.Kingcombe also visits the park monthly, maintaining the water features by carrying out mechanical and electrical tests for safety, and cutting back the vegetation where required. Regular maintenance in this area is vital, ensuring the vegetation growth is controlled and the water features kept in pristine condition.  

Trash Screen Installation

As specialists in the water environment, we fabricate and install trash screens all around the UK for various watercourses to prevent the risk of flooding. Like many assets over time, repair and refurbishment is often required to maintain effective service. With the use of new technology and innovations, designs to new and ageing assets can be enhanced for a longer and more effective lifespan. We recently completed a project in Dorset to replace an existing trash screen. Working together with our client and their designer, Kingcombe fabricated a tiered trash screen, eliminating the risk of blockages to the culvert. Along with the installation of the trash screen, our Civils Team also constructed new access steps and a compound, to allow for storage of the rubbish, before removing from site.  

Flood Expo Conference 2018

The Flood Expo is the world’s largest conference, bringing professionals from across the country to share the latest techniques on the management and prevention of flooding. Gathering over 200 exhibitors, Kingcombe Stonbury were pleased to exhibit at the Flood Expo conference this year at the NEC. The 2-day conference incorporated a range of specialist seminars and talks, as well as the exhibition. For further information on how we can support you in Flood and Coastal Risk Management, please contact us on 01460 279200 Check out our short video of the event here.  

Flood Expo 2018

We are delighted to be exhibiting at Flood Expo 2018, the world's largest flood prevention exhibition and conference. Join us on September 12th and 13th at the NEC. You can find us at stand 4B30 just by the Environment Agency theatre and networking area.  We'll be showcasing our recent works as part of our Flood Risk and Coastal Management framework with the EA, watercourse restoration, fabrication capabilities and our most recent Splash Park projects.  Get your Free Tickets